Vote Labour for the North West on 23rd May in the EU Elections
Vote Labour for the North West on 23rd May in the EU Elections

Your Labour vote matters tomorrow!

Every vote for Labour really does count – all votes for parties/individuals are tallied up and the first seat is allocated to the party/individual with the most votes. Then it gets complicated, suffice to say each vote continues to count. With a huge region, we in the North West have 8 MEPs in total – the 8th can be elected on a very small percentage. See the link at the bottom for details of the (d’Hondt) voting system in full.

This does mean that the only way to keep the far right out is to vote Labour; a poor turnout gives them a greater opportunity.

Last time neither Lib Dems nor Greens won any seats in the North West (our region). It’s just been announced that the Lib Dems (with UKIP) are propping up the Tories by going into coalition with them on Carlisle City Council – no change there.

Two of last year’s 3 elected UKIP MEPs in the North West are standing again – but not as UKIP – even they gave up on that party long ago, as did Nigel Farage.

Change UK don’t seem to think they will exist in the current form for long and, like the Brexit party, have no policies other than an undefined approach to Brexit. Meanwhile Nigel Farage has fallen out with Channel 4 over their investigation into his significant (£450k) undeclared support from Arron Banks (now being investigated by the EU). Nigel has banned C4 from his events. Nor will he deny that he will take up the invitation to join Matteo Salvini of Italy’s far right grouping in the EU which includes Marine Le Pen – a grouping which offers a real threat to emissions standards and dealing with the climate emergency.

Who knows how long before we leave? Theresa May’s new improved deal doesn’t look like a runner. MEPs have no influence on how and when we leave the EU.

Whoever you select will represent you in Europe– make sure it’s someone who will

· Be open about their/their party’s policies
· Work for you
· Protect workers and environmental standards
· Push for financial regulation so the wealthy can’t “hide” their money in tax havens and avoid tax on it and businesses pay their share.
· Form part of a wide and positive grouping in Europe.

If you’ve read this far, you may want to know how the system works. Here’s the link:

More on the far right’s vision for Europe here:

Do vote!

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